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Port Lincoln Fishing Report – Thursday 24th September 2020

It’s back to winter this week but before the blow there were good reports and its coming good next week for the school holidays. It’s better to get this bad weather done now so the serious fishing can happen when you all hopefully have some time off during the holidays!

Here’s what has been caught.


Salmon have been reported from Sheringa, Locks Well and Talia. Mixed sized fish have been reported from all the beaches but Talia sounds like the best for big Salmon. Gummy Sharks have also been caught from Talia. At Venus Bay Whiting sound like they aren’t too hard to find going by reports from the last few weeks.

Coffin Bay

In the bays Whiting are slowly improving with some modest catches of legal fish starting to show up. Salmon Trout are still by far the most common fish and aren’t hard to find. Gummy Sharks have been caught from a number of locations around the bays mostly late afternoon and into the night.

Whiting fishing at Farm beach is still pretty good in most areas but the deep water grounds of Gallipoli and the Fence Line are best for bigger fish. There’s also Squid, some Garfish, Tommies, Flathead and Gummy Sharks getting caught. Land based fishers have also been getting in on the act catching some nice bags of Whiting from the coast between Farm Beach and Coles Point. Longer light surf rods are the key to getting consistent good catches of Whiting from the shore.

Offshore news was non-existent this week but when the weather calms down there should be plenty of good fishing to keep fishers happy. Salmon fishing has been good when the weather is good, some good schools of Salmon have been in close at Gunyah Beach and averaging 3kg. The new Daiwa Bait Junkie soft plastic jerk shad are a very good plastic to use for Salmon and are much longer lasting then others and the Salmon are all over them. Salmon have also been caught at Greenly and Convention Beaches.

Port Lincoln

Off the jetties Squid have been the most reported catch but there are also King George from the town jetty and the main wharf usually decent fish. Tommies also are there and late at night there are some decent numbers of fish around. Whiting news in the bays has still been fairly slow but along the North Shore, the Sandhills and Spalding Cove there are pockets of fish, in the next few weeks there should be more showing up.

Squid are best still along the North Shore and Boston Island and some good catches have been made those using the Odori King George Whiting jigs or the GanCraft KGW. Further down the coast Whiting reports have been mixed from Carcase Rocks to Taylors. It’s hot and cold down there, there has been some excellent reports and some really bad ones too but they are there you just need to get your timing right, Squid are down there in good numbers.

Thistle Island is pretty good for Whiting and you expect after this blow it’s going to be good fishing, offshore there has been no news. In the National Park Salmon fishing has been slower this week with schools of Salmon being few and far between but there are fish there right along the coast.

Millers Hole and the Salmon Hole have been best for Salmon on baits and there are also some big Tommies there if want some for the smoker.

Tumby Bay

The jetty is pretty for Squid and Tommies at night, there are some Snook there too. Fishing out at the Group has been very good for Whiting, Snook, Trevally, Squid and there also has been quite a few rugger Snapper showing up which have to be released back to the water. There also a big White pointer saying hello to a few boats so it’s best to be out there in a decent sized boat.  

Port Neill and Arno Bay

The jetty from Port Neill has been producing good Squid, Tommies and Garfish. Garfish can also be caught from the rock areas at Port Neill. Yellowfin Whiting will also start showing up from the beaches in the area soon if there not already there. Boat fishers have been finding Whiting, Squid and Snook from both areas.

This weeks photos are courtesy of:

Russell & Julia: Visiting from Adelaide we gave these guys some spots to try out and they got onto some decent Salmon at the Port Lincoln National Park on Saturday.

What a week of weather and wind, school holidays are here on Friday and with that the weather starts to get better and a little warmer!

There is only a week left to drop your Salmon frames in store, if you have any surplus frames there are some great prizes to be won.

TW Port Lincoln Team